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What You Need to Know

Don't know why the original HCSO blog administrator punched out, but that left us without a “safe space” to vent our frustrations regarding inept managers with zero spine, crooked politicians who don’t have a clue, dead wood deputies who’ll get good deputies fired or killed and idiot civilians who bring disaster upon themselves and then expect us to ride to the rescue, clean it up and make it pretty.

A few program notes:


  1. This blog is for HCSO personnel only.  Nothing personal, but this is for our HCSO family and we’d appreciate it if you’d respect that boundary.

  2. Keep names out of it.  Posts which “name names” will be removed ASAP so be creative when referring to specific individuals regardless of the level of their evil, ineptitude, stupidity, etc. you may believe they possess.

  3. No threats of violence.  Same goes for threats of violence or any illegal activity directed toward anyone or anything including post contributors.  Threatening posts will be 86’d without a second thought and that contributor permanently barred from this site.

  4. If you want to use potty language, fine, but when it gets to a certain point don’t be surprised when your potty post disappears.  We’re all adults here, but let’s keep it somewhat civilized as best we can.

  5. This blog is NOT an official publication of, nor operated by, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office nor Harris County, Texas and DOES NOT represent the official communications of the Harris County Sheriff nor any other employee, group, entity or concern.

  6. If those friendly folks from the Internal Affairs Division, or anyone else for that matter, come calling and asking for any information on individuals posting on this blog, they'll be politely told to pound sand up their butts and not to come back unless they have a warrant.

  7. The views expressed by those posting to this blog are theirs and theirs alone and not necessarily the views of the site administrator, the HMFCC.  Contributors to this blog are solely responsible for the content they post and any effect their post may cause or bring about.

One last thing and I'm just going to say this straight:  I’m the HMFCC and what I say goes, period.  I’ve heard enough whining in my life so, if you don’t like this blog or anything on it,


Have a nice day!

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